Old Speed Boats

The Ford Zephyr engine was in a bad state with a cracked block and needed repair. I tried welding, but it failed, so a used engine was found and stripped down. It turned out to be reasonable so the head from the original was replaced with new gaskets all round. The first picture shows the used engine that came off a military generator and was well serviced. It works well, but maybe the compression is a little low, so it will run on anything.

Electronic ignition was added and that made a great difference. The electronic unit coming from Simon at British Built Classics, click on ‘Powerspark’.

All new plugs and leads were used of course and hopefully the engine will perform for a few years now.

Once the engine was built by me, I sent it to a very good friend, Nigel Groom who specialises in old Ford engines and he tuned the unit.