Old Speed Boats
Classics, whether boats, cars, motorcycles or unusual items are often restored and looked on as items of beauty but when finished, are often not used. This web site, has been established in order to gather together the rare few people around the world who wish to collect, restore or simply play with Old Speed Boats, which includes classic outboard motor boats as well. I would like to see, boats from the famous Riva to the all English Albatross and the American Chris Craft to the Russian Speed boats pronounced ‘poluglisser’ on the site. Don’t forget fibreglass, aluminium, wooden boats and if you can find a concrete speed boat them I am interested.

Welcome to ‘Old Speed Boats’

Albatross Restoration Dowty Restoration Page 5 Dowty Restoration Page 1

Bottom Left, my 1958 Dowty. Top Middle my reconditioned Ford Zephyr 2500cc Engine. Above my 1953 Albatross